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100% Semantic & Guaranteed Ethical SEO Services That Drive Revenue…

Not Just Rankings

Don’t waste your time with other cheap SEO agencies in Dubai that only make promises; when you can see real business results with our proven, practical & data-driven strategies.

Drive More High-Quality Sales Leads For Your Business From Free Online Traffic
Bulletproof Your Website Against Google’s Ever-Changing Ranking Algorithm Updates
Slaughter Your Competition & Steal Marketshare via Proven Online Lead Generation
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Most SEO Agencies in Dubai Have It All Wrong!


All we care about is how we can help you grow revenue & profits by optimizing your entire sales funnel

Trusted IT Company in Dubai
Is This You?

Is This You?

Are you searching for a trusted SEO company in Dubai that will help you generate high-quality sales leads by ranking your website to the top of Google?
Are you concerned about SEO agencies that use black-hat techniques which may result in your website being permanently blacklisted by Google?
Do you need SEO strategies that align to your sales conversion goals and not mindlessly drive traffic at the expense of revenue?

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94% of Consumers Search Online Before Making a Purchase.

85% Of Them  Come From Organic SEO Traffic

IT Support Dubai - Qusai Poonawalla, CEO, Burhani

[WARNING]: This Is A Rather Long & Unusual Letter

From The Desk Of:

Qusai Poonawalla

CEO, Burhani Managed IT Services

Dear Fellow Business Owner,

Imagine what it would be like to get an additional 5-6 leads in your mailbox every single week like clockwork.

Your sales team will have a full pipeline to work with, your operations team will finally run at optimal capacity and most importantly, your revenues and profits will skyrocket.


We live in a hyper-connected digital world where your most ideal prospects are currently searching for your products and services online. The real question is this: Do they find you or your competition?


Search engine optimization (SEO) is often misunderstood. A professional SEO company or SEO consultant understands, through knowledge and experience, how to boost your performance. Great SEO marketing in Dubai boosts your page ranking on all the important search engines. This brings traffic to your website by providing positive links.


Your site pages must be relevant and preferably, authoritative. Your SEO experts will show you how this authority is considered after analyzing the quality, type, and a number of links from another web environment.

Your SEO agency will help you prepare your webpages so that your search engine marketing helps progress your pages to the highest point in the rankings. Through great content and quality, readers enjoy and share through blogs and other social media; search engines will analyze and prepare search results.

An SEO specialist will carry out an SEO audit on your entire website. This will show the pages and parts that require improvement.

Your SEO will be designed to use words and phrases that are most often selected by individuals searching for your products and services. The SEO specialist will suggest a redesign of your site where necessary. This is intended to make it uncomplicated for people to share pages from your site and link to it easily.

By hiring us as your most suitable SEO agency, after assessing the different types of SCO packages that are available, you will boost the quality of search engine results and links to your website.

You will be asked about the type of content that your potential visitors will search for and expect to see. The highest quality of content that is relevant and useful will encourage your readers to stay longer and act in the manner that you require.

When you need to find out more about Search engine marketing in Dubai in conjunction with your SEO consultant you are only ever one click and an easy contact from finding out how to improve your website


Get your business in front of your ideal, right-fit customers who are actively LOOKING for your products/services
Enjoy 24×7 Free traffic from major search engines. It’s like adding fuel to help your sales team meet & exceed their quotas
Gain more authority in the marketplace by being perceived as the expert in your industry
Open the floodgates to new business opportunities by being visible online

To sum up, the major benefits of outsourcing your SEO to a professional and ethical SEO agency in Dubai are high-quality rankings and consistent business results that stand the test of time. 


If I may be honest here, in my opinion, most SEO agencies here in Dubai, UAE are doing it wrong. I guess it has to do with the ridiculously low barriers to entry to this industry – almost anyone who can breathe and use a laptop now considers himself to be an SEO expert.

Well, here’s the rub – SEO is constantly changing and professional SEO companies keep up with the rapid pace of change. Tactics that used to work 30 days ago can get you penalized today! You will see SEO companies in Dubai promising first page rankings and offering that you pay only after they get results – which is all fine, except when you look closer, you will see that they rank you for extremely non-competitive keywords which do not have any buying intent.

Also, a lot of SEO companies in Dubai are still practicing raw, spammy link building with thin page content, spun articles and cloaking – practices which will probably give your website a temporary boost in rankings before coming crashing down when the next Google algorithm update comes out.


Search Engine Optimization (SEO) services from Burhani are unique because we are one of the few SEO agencies in Dubai that take an integrated & holistic approach to SEO strategy and execution. Our SEO strategies are tightly integrated with web analytics and website conversion data to deliver data-driven search improvements to help maximize your return on marketing investment.


Search Engine Optimization (SEO) services from Burhani are unique because we are one of the few SEO agencies in Dubai that take an integrated & holistic approach to SEO strategy and execution. Our SEO strategies are tightly integrated with web analytics and website conversion data to deliver data-driven search improvements to help maximize your return on marketing investment.

You must be aware of a fact: even if your SEO efforts are successful, 80% of the new traffic that you generate will initially account for a very small percentage of your sales. Why is this? You see, at any given point in time, only 3-9 percent of the people in any given market are in buying mode. This a simple manifestation of the renowned 80/2- principle. 

Our approach to SEO leverages complex but proven analytical methods to help you uncover hyper-responsive and high-intent search phrases which will act as your primary sales drivers.

A laser focus on these high-intent sales drivers results in a faster and higher return on your SEO investment.


High-Level website structure audit and corrections to ensure user friendliness and complete indexing of all pages
In-depth technical SEO assessment to uncover issues related to site speed and accessibility of your content to search engine robots
Comprehensive keyword research and keyword mapping to identify the most relevant short & long-tail search phrases which relate to the customer journey
Neurotic on-page SEO wherein we painstakingly craft the page titles, meta descriptions and other content to ensure that your website is not just ranked high but also attractive to your prospects
Effective social media optimization strategies such as blogs and social amplification of your core USP


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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Answers to common questions related to search engine optimization services in Dubai, UAE

What is role of content in today's SEO strategy?

Our Answer: It has become increasingly obvious that an effective SEO strategy in today’s Panda/Penguin world is all about the Quality, Quantity, Authenticity, Usefulness, and Distribution of content.

What is Google Panda and Penguin? Why should I Care?

Our Answer: Google Panda and Penguin are search engine algorithm updates which were mostly responsible for cracking down on low-quality, spammy and black hat SEO tactics. Thousands of websites very penalized and lost their rankings almost overnight. As a business that depends on online sales or inquiries, this can very well put you out of business completely. At Burhani, we only practice 100% handcrafted, semantics and white-hat SEO techniques which deliver stable, long-term results for our clients.

How can you assure that your strategies will not get my website blacklisted by Google?

Our Answer: This is a great question and one which we wish more businesses would ask before hiring an SEO services company in Dubai, UAE. All major search engines (with Google being one of the big boys in the room) have a zero tolerance to overly aggressive, spammy or deceptive search engine optimization strategies (also popularly known as ‘Black Hat’ or ‘Grey Hat’ SEO techniques) and proactively ban websites that are found to be using such disallowed tactics.

Our team of SEO experts in Dubai constantly follows Google’s latest SEO guidelines and are always abreast of industry best practices. We believe that SEO should deliver long-term results and hence only use proven, best-practice ‘white hat’ SEO strategies that are fully compliant with Google’s SEO guidelines and boost your rankings without putting your website in any jeopardy.

What is Black-Hat SEO?

Our Answer: To understand black-hat SEO, we need to look back at the history of search engine optimization. In the early days of SEO, success was defined by the number of links pointing back to your website as well as having a high keyword density on the web page. This gave rise to the concept of black-hat SEO, wherein lazy SEO companies used to resort to spammy tactics such as ‘keyword stuffing’ and ‘link farming’. 

Google’s mission is to provide the most relevant search result which satisfies the searcher’s intent. Unfortunately, in those days, search engines had certain loopholes which allowed unethical SEO companies to exploit Google’s algorithm. Needless to say, this resulted in a proliferation of black-hat seo tactics such as stuffing keywords, white text over white backgrounds, cloaking and shady link farming schemes which made these crooked people a ton of money.

However, with the advent of Artifical Intelligence and Machine Learning, Google’s algorithms have become much much smarter and such lazy black-hat techniques can get your website not just penalized but outright blacklisted from the Google index.

How long will it take to achieve top rankings?

Our Answer: The pace of improvement in rankings depends on various factors such as the competitiveness of your business online, the authority of the links coming into your site and how well your content satisfies the user’s intent. In certain cases, clients see ranking improvements in as little as 30-90 days, however, in other cases, it may take up to a year to see significant improvements.

The key to success in SEO is consistency – You need to constantly keep optimizing your website with fresh, useful content and technical onsite + offsite optimization in order to see faster and more long-lasting results.

There are hundreds of SEO agencies in Dubai. What makes you different?

Our Answer: The biggest difference is that we are 100% focused on driving high-quality sales leads to your business, which in turn convert into revenue and profits. As practitioners of proven & highly effective direct response marketing techniques, we treat SEO as a source of traffic amongst many other traffic sources. Unlike other SEO companies, we don’t get caught up in merely driving more traffic without understanding how that contributes to your bottom line. Ultimately, the end goal of SEO or any online marketing strategy should not only be about generating traffic but rather attracting the most ideal, ready-to-buy prospect to your business which will help you grow your revenues and profits.

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Dr. Nedal Abdo, CEO, International Pharmaceuticals


“Their Support Team's Response Time is Brilliant!”

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“I Give Them 5 out of 5 Stars”

Mr. Lokesh Asnani, Director, Ashoka Electrical Group


“We Now Have 24x7 Data Backup & DR on the Cloud”

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SEO Dubai

It can be extremely tricky to find a reliable SEO agency in Dubai, UAE…and for good reason. For one, you don’t know which Dubai SEO Companies you can trust with your business’s most valuable asset – your online presence.

If an SEO company in Dubai tells you, ‘Sure, we can SEO your website’, run the other way and run fast! You see, SEO is an ever-evolving, complex and dynamic process that when done with ethical whitehat seo practices, can drive a flood of free traffic to your website, however, if done in a spammy manner which violates Google’s guidelines, can easily get your website permanently banned by Google.


SEO Agency Dubai

As one of Dubai’s leading SEO agencies, we know exactly what local consumers look for and how to correctly position your brand in front of them with the right messaging and value proposition.

Other SEO Agencies in Dubai may focus on getting you to the top of search rankings, however, we go one step further and help ensure that you maintain your rankings for the long term.

We are also so much more than merely a search engine optimization agency – for us, SEO is an (important) part of a more holistic approach to online marketing & lead generation.


SEO Company Dubai

If you are looking for a Dubai SEO company to help your business get to the top of all major search engines, Burhani may just be the SEO company in Dubai that you are looking for!

We take pride in being one of the top SEO companies in Dubai and have a proven track record of helping our clients exponentially grow their lead flow and in-turn, revenue.

We are also the only marketing agency in Dubai to offer a $1000 worth introductory analysis which shows you exactly how we can push your business to the next level.

Burhani is a top SEO company.  We are our own best SEO case study, ranking in the top 3 spots for over 153 competitive keyword phrases. Burhani’s top SEO strategy makes us one of the best SEO companies in Dubai, UAE. 

Trusted IT Company in Dubai
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