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Stress-Free New Office IT Setup Solutions

As One Of Dubai’s Top IT Companies, Burhani Has The Experience & Expertise To Ensure A Smooth & Well Planned New Office IT Setup with Minimal Disruption

Experience In Dozens Of New Office IT Setups For Over 15 Years
A Single Point Of Contact & Accountability For All Your Office IT Setup Needs
Turnkey Setup – From Planning, Network Cabling to Phone Systems and Servers
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Trusted IT Company in Dubai

Setting Up A New Office?

When Setting Up A New Business, You Have a Ton Of Things On Your Mind

From Complicated Business Licensing, Scouting For The Perfect Office Space To Setting Up Your Bank Accounts. Fortunately, Burhani Can Take IT Setup Tasks Off Your Plate and Deliver A 100% Turnkey New Office IT Setup with Guaranteed Peace of Mind

New Office IT Setup Solutions in Dubai, UAE


We help guide you on the best overall plan to set up your new office’s IT Infrastructure.


Cat6/7 and Fiber Optic Data and Phone Cabling systems


Setup Internet Routers and Business PABX Telephone Systems


Network Switching & Wireless Solutions


Physical & Virtual Servers, Storage and Security Solutions


End User Computing and Printing Solutions

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Meet Dubai’s ‘New Office IT Setup’ Specialist Company

IT Support Dubai - Qusai Poonawalla, CEO, Burhani

From The Desk Of:

Qusai Poonawalla

CEO, Burhani Managed IT Services

Dear Fellow Business Owner,

So You’re Ready To Move Into A New Office? Congratulations…

If you are anything like the other dozens of business professionals that we have helped setup their new office IT infrastructure, by this time you have selected the perfect office location, signed the lease, appointed a moving company, picked the office workstations and other furniture and notified your staff and customers.

Now there’s just one thing to do – plan and execute your new office’s IT Infrastructure.


We understand. And yet, a new office IT setup does not need to be stressful…

The key is to select an IT partner who has the expertise and experience to ensure a smooth IT setup and timely project delivery. Afterall, you have deadlines to meet and new employees who will need a fully functioning office IT infrastructure in order to do their jobs.

Regardless of whether you have an in-house IT department or you outsource your new office IT setup project to a specialist IT company such as Burhani, it is critical to precisely plan out every detail of your new office IT setup well in advance and have an actionable plan with clearly defined milestones and responsibilities. The below Office IT Setup Checklist will help you better plan and effectively oversee your new office’s IT setup to help avoid stress, frustrations, and avoidable business downtime.


Plan Your New Office Move Well In Advance

Atleast 3 months leading upto the office move, please make sure that the below tasks are completed :

  • Have your IT team (inhouse / outsourced) visit the site and make a detailed plan related to the network structured cabling needs. It’s always a good practice to plan for additional points from the get-go to avoid disruption at a later stage.
  • Inform your Internet, Phone & Fax provider of the upcoming changes atleast 60 days prior to the move date. This will allow them to have ample time to inspect the new site for POPs and ensure that they can provide effective service at the new location.
Take An Inventory Of Your Existing IT Equipment

If you currently have any aging IT or communications equipment, it is a good time to determine :

  • Whether the current IT equipment will be able to meet the current and future scalability needs of your business.
  • Make an inventory of all IT equipment which can be repurposed via strategic upgrades or overhauls.
  • Cancel the lease and return any IT equipment which would not be usable in the new office IT setup
  • Evaluate server room safety and performance requirements as per industry best practices as well as local fire & civil defense regulations
  • Prepare a plan to responsibly dispose off old and unused equipment.
Assess Your Communications Systems

There is a very real possibility that your new office site does not have the adequate network and communications cabling in place. This calls for some planning on your part to understand what your current and future business goals are and how your new office IT and communications systems need to align with business needs.

A few questions to ask regarding structured cabling and communications systems are :

  • How many phone lines and extensions will you need
  • What type and speed of internet access is required by the business
  • How many power outlets are needed for every user’s workstation as well as standalone IT equipment? What should the load-bearing capacity of each phase be?
Prepare a Joint Site Visit Checklist

The next phase after you have determined your communications and network needs is to schedule a joint preliminary site visit. This visit should be attended by all major project owners as well as outsourced partners such as structured cabling specialists, phone system experts, network administrators etc.

The goal of this meeting is to make introductions, define project objectives and deadlines and ensure that every project manager knows whats expected of their team as well as understand how they need to work together to ensure speedy completion of the project.

It is also a good time to uncover any apparent issues which may become a stumbling block for the project execution down the line.

Evaluate Your Business Telecommunications Options

The local telecommunications companies (DU & Etisalat) are always coming up with new business telephony and internet plans and this is a good time to shop around for the most economical business communications plan for your company based on your current and next 3-5 year expansion & growth plans.

Additionally, you need to :

  • Review current capacity and determine whether you will need to implement more lines etc
  • Make sure to set up a call forwarding with the ISP when you get a new number at the new office location
  • Plan the type of internet connectivity that you will need at the new office site. Internet options such as leased lines are typically the most expensive but also provide the highest level of security. A New Office IT Setup Specialist company such as Burhani can consult you on the best internet connectivity based on your business needs and budget.
Plan for Business Data Protection

Information and data is the lifeblood of any modern business organization. It is critical to ensure the protection and availability of business data and application at all times, however, during the time of a new office IT Setup, this becomes a higher concern and must be addressed carefully. Think about it, what would happen if your main server crashed while the electrical supply in the office suddenly went off? How would you be able to ensure that your data and applications are not affected by the new office IT setup?

We recommend that you complete the below tasks to ensure that your data is properly protected during the transition phase:

  • Make multiple backups of all servers, systems, firewalls, routers and any other IT equipment. Ensure to store a copy of these backups offsite where they will not be affected by any issues related to the new office IT setup.
  • Perform mock data recovery test drills to ensure that complete recovery is possible in the event something untoward happens during the new office IT setup move.
Make a Plan For Move-In Day

Office IT Infrastructure equipment requires specialized handling and expertise during transit. You must ensure that your selected IT company coordinates this move with the moving company and ensures that all equipment is properly packed, labeled and carefully moved to the new office location.

Please ensure the below on the final move day :

  • Where possible, transport the backup copies of your data in a separate vehicle than your main IT equipment.
  • Ensure that all IT equipment accessories and peripherals (such as cables etc) are properly labeled and can be easily connected back to its equipment.
  • Keep a contact list of all parties involved in the setup handy
  • Ensure that all staff save their data and fully turn off all equipment before the move
Thoroughly Test Your Office’s Network

Ensure that your IT team (or outsourced IT company), as well as telecom company technicians, are available at your office premises on the day of the final setup to ensure that there are no last minute glitches and can resolve teething issues as and when they appear.

Make a final inspection with your New Office IT Setup Company for :

  • Verifying that all cables, equipment, phones etc are connected in the correct place
  • Ensure that all phone lines are active and working as expected
  • Test to see if call forwarding from the old number to the new number is working correctly
  • Check the internet speed and wireless security
  • Test all features of the phone system
  • Systematically power up all servers one by one and test the functionality of all core line of business applications
  • Ensure all users are able to send and receive emails
  • Finalise the handover from the IT and telecom companies


Burhani is one of the few IT companies in Dubai with extensive expertise and experience in New Office IT Setup project planning and execution. We have helped dozens of companies quickly and effectively set up their new office IT infrastructure with minimal business downtime and have documented success stories to prove our quality of services.

Over 15 years of expertise in delivering new office IT setups and data wiring services
Active project management services to ensure a smooth office IT setup implementation
Advanced testing and handover with post implementation support services
Dozens of documented new office IT setup case studies and success stories
The only new office IT setup company in the UAE to be awarded by MSPMentor 2017
Full service team across two global locations backed by extensive vendor partner support


Your business technology is the lifeblood of your business. If your new office’s IT infrastructure is not correctly setup, your business will not be able to function effectively.

In fact, it is critical to select an IT partner who has extensive experience in helping businesses set up the IT for new offices. A New Office IT Setup is a complex project involving many moving parts and not having the right IT partner to help you can lead to disastrous operational and financial consequences for your business.

For Over 15 Years, Burhani Has Been Helping Businesses Across Dubai To Build Their Network Infrastructure Foundation Via Reliable & High-Quality Data Wiring / Structured Cabling Solutions


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Our Proven Process For New Office IT Setup Projects

Our systematic project execution process helps you rapidly and efficiently set up your new office IT project with our expert guidance and support.

New Office IT Setup Project Planning

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Office Data and Phone Wiring / Structured Cabling Solutions in Dubai, UAE

Moving Into A New Office? Let Burhani Build And Deliver A Robust Network Cabling Foundation For Your Business IT Infrastructure

When Moving Into A New Office, One Of The Very Basic Infrastructure That A Business Needs Is Data & Voice Wiring. It Is Also One Of The Most Important Aspects Of Your IT Setup.

Are You Opening A New Office In Dubai, UAE Or Relocating A Current Business To A New Office? Choosing A Site May Be The First Step In Accomplishing Your Goal Of Setting Up A New Business Facility, But It’s Certainly Not The Only Decision You Need To Make.

When You Are Putting Together A New Office, There Will Be A Number Of Decisions That Need To Be Made In Terms Of The Facility’s Appearance As Well As Its Functionality. Cabling Installation Is A Major Component Of Any Commercial Construction Or Remodeling Project. When You Are Setting Up Your Office Space, You’ll Need To Make Certain That The Building Is Wired To Meet Your Electrical And Data Communication Needs.

Moving Offices-Or Even Organizing An Existing One-Involves Countless Potentially Stressful Details. If You’re In The Middle Of Such A Project, You Have Much More To Think About Than Your Company’s IT System.

That’s Where Burhani Comes In. Our Team Excels In The Design And Installation Of Structured Cabling Solutions For Both Data And Voice Networks.

Cabling Is Just One Component Of Your Company’s Technology System-All Of Which Must Be Moved With Minimum Downtime And Disruption.

It’s Essential That You Choose A Cabling Contractor That Employs Qualified Data Cabling Installers Who Can Take Care Of Any Cat-5 / Cat-6 Or Fiber Optic Installation Needs.

Call Burhani today for a free New Office IT Setup Consultation.

Trusted IT Company in Dubai
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