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We Deliver 100% IT Peace of Mind so You Can Focus on Business Growth

Burhani’s Managed Services can help eliminate IT downtime and ensure your data is always protected while reducing IT costs by upto 40%
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A Virtual CIO, Reliable Technology & Predictable Expenses

24×7 access to a dedicated team of qualified & experienced IT experts at a fraction of the cost of hiring in-house
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Business Agility & Innovation

The cloud enables business agility by reducing business complexity

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Scalability & Performance

Ability to performance optimize heavy workloads that enable business growth

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Business Continuity

Quickly & reliably replicate applications to the cloud in case of a disaster

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Cost Optimization

Only pay for resources that you need. Free up capital for strategic business innovation

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Enhanced Security

No more manual scripting. Rapidly recover an entire VM in with just a few clicks.

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Improved Business Workflows

Reduce manual steps and rapidly improve the efficiency of workflows


Service plans for every business need and budget

Our robust cloud migration framework helps you identify key cloud adoption activities and objectives to accelerate your journey to the cloud.
Burhani Cloud Journey Framework

The Definitive Guide to Cloud Digital Transformation

Download this free guide to learn more about the design principles and components of Burhani’s Managed Cloud solution, how customers leverage the cloud to accelerate their journey towards digital transformation

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Deep Expertise in Designing, Deploying & Managing Cloud Technologies

Burhani's unique mix of people, process and fully-managed technology enables businesses to embark upon a successful journey towards digital transformation

100% Cloud Peace of Mind. Guaranteed

Ask us how we can help you reduce IT downtime while increasing productivity and growth

How can I build a business case for migrating to the cloud?

Your business case should be driven by your organizational KPIs and common drivers, such as operational costs, workforce productivity, cost avoidance, operational resilience, and business agility.

How do I accurately assess my IT environment?

Consider the volume of resources used by each application and automate the assessment process to confirm that it’s done rapidly and accurately. Assessing your environment manually is a time-consuming process. It exposes your organization to human error. Automating the process will help you gain insight into what you don’t know, and it will help you more clearly understand and define these uncertainties so they can be factored into your migration strategy.

How do I handle my legacy applications?

Consider taking an incremental approach to your migration by determining which of your legacy applications can be moved most easily. Move these applications to the cloud first. For legacy applications that require a more complicated approach, you can develop an effective plan for migration.

How do I accelerate the migration effort to realize the business and technology benefits more quickly?

Automate the migration process as much as possible. Using migration tools from cloud providers and partners such as Burhani is the best way to accelerate the migration effort.


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