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Saluting the Spirit of the Union

We salute the Spirit of the Union

We’re celebrating UAE National Day!

As the UAE celebrates its 49th National Day on 2 December, we at Burhani join in the spirit of optimism, hope and shared purpose.

A Role Model of Tolerance & Excellence

Today as we all come together to celebrate the 49th UAE National Day, our hearts are filled with gratitude towards the Visionary Founders, Rulers & Leaders who helped shape this country into a role model of Tolerance and Excellence.

Their Vision has transformed the UAE into global hub of Business, Innovation, Scientific and Technological advancements, while preserving it Great Values and Traditions.

Team Burhani solemnly Salute the Founders, Rulers, Leaders, Soldiers and people of this great country, and pledge to contribute towards its glowing success.

Qusai Poonawalla

For over 18+ years, Qusai has been leading a team of passionate technology experts dedicated to helping small & mid-sized businesses leverage the power of cutting-edge technology to achieve High Performance & Exponential Growth.

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