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Let us help you design and deploy your offsite backup & disaster recovery strategy


 Congratulations! You chose Veeam to protect your virtual machines and data. Now, let’s take your backups offsite…quickly & securely. We are a premier Veeam Cloud Connect Partner Company across Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Sharjah & the greater UAE. Ask how we can help you design your offsite backup strategy.

10+ Years in the UAE        Cutting-Edge Technology Solutions       Personalized Service       100% Satisfaction Guaranteed!

cloud_backupWhy Backup Your Data Offsite?


In today’s ‘Always On’ business environment, there has never been a more pressing need for a reliable and secure data backup and recovery solution. IT managers and CIO’s across all industries, whether regulated or not, recognize the importance of having access to mission-critical data and applications through complete workloads at all times.

CONSIDER THIS: A fire at your primary datacenter can potentially bring your business to a grinding halt. Costing millions of dollars in lost productivity, dissatisfied customers and tarnished business reputation. A robust and reliable Offsite Backup Strategy is important for all businesses, regardless of size or vertical market.

As a Veeam user, you have already invested in peace of mind and know that your business critical virtual servers and machines can be recovered & restored within minutes when needed. But what happens if disaster strikes and you lose your onsite backup? By using an Offsite Cloud Backup Provider in Dubai, UAE such as Burhani, you have the added assurance that your data and backups are secure.

You retain all the same control of a local backup without the cost or complexity of managing your own offsite infrastructure. What’s more. You know that your data can be recovered when all else fails. Think of it as an insurance policy you hope to never have to claim.

IT helps empower your business. The cost of IT downtime is unacceptable and can cause more than just a loss in productivity – it can directly affect sales and hurt your business’s reputation.

Ultimate Data Protection For Your Critical VMs’


Why Backup Your VM Offsite using Veeam Cloud Connect
  • Backup your virtual machines to our highly secure tier3 data center in Dubai, United Arab Emirates.
  • Removes the need to build and manage an offsite backup and DR site
  • More than 500,000 small and large businesses rely on Veeam for their data protection and backup / DR needs
  • Scale your IT infrastructure without increasing your hardware footprint

Are you still using tapes for offsite backups?



  • Are high bandwidth costs preventing you from leveraging a modern cloud based offsite backup solution?
  • Are you frustrated with the poor recover-ability of tape based backups?
  • Does your offsite strategy revolve around spending each day driving your tapes to another city?



  • Built-in WAN Acceleration can significantly enhance the speed of offsite cloud backup and recovery.

  • Disc Block Change detection technology ensures that only changed data bits are sent over the internet, thereby saving on high speed bandwidth costs

  • Instant VM Recovery can help you recover a failed VM quickly and efficiently from backup

Burhani can help you make the move to Offsite Cloud Backups by delivering a world class compute and storage infrastructure that is designed to scale and grow with your business needs.

Business Benefits of Engaging with a Veeam Cloud Connect Partner


Technology Features

  • Industry Leading Backup, Data Protection & Replication Technology for Virtualized Environments
  • Military Grade Security with end-to-end data encryption?
  • Built-in Compression, Deduplication and WAN Acceleration for Optimal Performance


Business Benefits

  • Reduce Capital Expenses Costs associated with building and maintaining an offsite backup data repository.
  • Achieve Business Continuity – without the associated high costs
  • Meet regulatory and risk compliance challenges

Why Select Burhani as your Veam Cloud Connect Partner in Dubai?


Graphic Task List
  1. Burhani is a Veeam Silver Partner in the UAE with the necessary technical skills to design and implement a turnkey and highly scalable VM backup solutions
  2. Over 10 years of experience as a trusted IT services & solutions provider in the UAE
  3. We have helped our customers achieve high levels of data protection and availability
  4. We have helped customer rapidly provision virtualized server backup infrastructure
  5. We can help you strategize & execute a onsite as well as offsite Data Backup, Replication & Disaster Recovery Solution as per your business needs

Our Process



  • Help you get the right storage plan that works for you
  • Working with you to decide what to deploy and when
  • Explaining the tools and resources you need
  • Understanding your needs


  • Complete project plan review
  • Detailed project plan creation
  • Taking care of tricky technical aspects to implement a turnkey Offsite Veeam Backup & Data Protection solution
  • Complete migration support throughout the process


  • Making sure everything is working as it should as per the deployment plan
  • Sharing best practices
  • Consulting with you to provide the best solution to increase productivity and directly impact your bottom line
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