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Licensing does not need to be complicated or painful to manage. Let Burhani simplify Microsoft Licensing for you

Microsoft Licensing Solutions

Leverage our Microsoft Licensing Solutions to achieve higher legal compliance and peace of mind

10+ Years in the UAE        Cutting-Edge Technology Solutions       Personalized Service       100% Satisfaction Guaranteed!

Are your Microsoft products correctly licensed?


‘Licensing is very complicated’ – This is the common sentiment that we regularly hear from businesses. We somewhat agree : with all the acronyms, co-dependent licensing models, multiple schemes, agreement types, upgrade & downgrade paths, subscriptions and virtualization rights, it gets quite hard to stay on top of things. The worst part, once you seem to be getting hang of it – it all changes!

Microsoft Licensing is an area requiring detailed specialization and preferential access to Microsoft.

As a Premier Microsoft Partner in Dubai, UAE, Burhani has both the technical capabilities as well as a solid vendor support structure to untangle the most complex licensing problems.

Our team can act as a license-specific extension of your own IT & purchase teams and can jointly work with you to design & implement a licensing system that helps your business get the best value out of your software investment.

Whether Business or Academic Microsoft Licensing – we can help you :


Server Consolidation via Virtualization
  • Get consultation on the best licensing model for your business
  • Ensure that your organization is correctly licensed
  • Help recover from licensing violations
  • Escalate to the local Microsoft Volume Licensing Team if needed
  • Inform you of upgrade opportunities and offers
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