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Learn how our proactive Managed IT Support Services can help your business increase productivity and reduce downtime


Burhani’s premier Managed IT Support Services in Dubai & the greater UAE are designed to address your ongoing IT management and support needs. Through our deep experience in providing IT solutions to clients over the past 10 years, we have developed an IT managed service delivery framework that is one of the best in the industry.

10+ Years in the UAE        Cutting-Edge Technology Solutions       Personalized Service       100% Satisfaction Guaranteed!

Looking for a Better IT Support Company in Dubai?

So was Adam. This is his storyPremier Managed IT Support Services

Why Outsourcing your IT Infrastructure Management to a Reliable IT Support Company just makes good business sense?

IT Support & Infrastructure Management

In today’s ‘Always On’ business environment, there has never been a more pressing need for a reliable and secure IT Infrastructure. IT managers and CIO’s across all industries, whether regulated or not, recognize the importance of having access to quick and efficient technical support for their people at all times.

A poorly managed & maintained server may be at risk of hardware failures, be more prone to hacking and malware infection and could experience software crashes that can potentially bring your business to a complete halt.

Also, the cost of a full‐time inhouse IT admin is very high and does not make sense for most mid‐sized businesses.

What if you could have a complete IT team at your disposal that proactively monitors and manages your business critical IT infrastructure at a fraction of the costs of hiring a full time IT person?
Burhani’s Managed Support Services are designed to give you peace of mind in knowing that your mission critical IT systems are constantly monitored and functioning at peak performance. By leveraging Burhani’s expertise, businesses can consistently reduce their maintenance and management costs year over year while improving network capabilities, cost efficiencies, regulatory compliance and enterprise level protection.


  • Get on-demand access to highly trained, experienced and certified IT engineers and technicians
  • Cut HR operational costs by 100% – no visa, gratuity, annual leave or medical insurance costs
  • Save on recruitment and in-house employee training costs
  • Predictability in financial budgeting with a fixed fee service agreement with our managed service packages & annual contracts
  • Multi-technology and multi-vendor environment
  • Get vast IT technology and domain expertise that a 1-2 person internal IT team may not be able to offer
  • On-going IT consultation to support current and future growth
  • Consistent support – no sick leave etc. that leave your business-critical IT systems unattended
  • Resolve client issues quickly and more efficiently with access to premium vendor support offered to IT service providers
  • Make your IT accountable with granular reporting, quality assurance surveys, proof of work and more

Your Business’s IT Support & Infrastructure Management Challenges


Your Challenges

  • Extremely high costs of searching for, recruiting, training & retaining IT support resources

  • High HR Operational Costs

  • Hidden costs related to visa processing, medical, insurance and resource development

  • No predictability in Financial Budgeting


  • Any business owner know that the costs of recruiting and training an in‐house employee is one of the highest costs to a business. With Outsourcing, you get on‐demand access to highly trained engineers and technicians

  • With outsourcing your IT department to a competent and experienced Professional Services Provider like Burhani, you can save thousands of Dirhams on : No Visa Costs, No Gratuity Payments, No Special Benefits / Perks, No Annual Leave Allowances, No Medical Insurance.

  • With IT Outsourcing, you benefit from certainty in budgeting with a fixed fee service agreement.

Your Challenges

  • With an internal IT admin, who will be monitoring how he is managing your business critical systems?


  • As an IT Services Provider, we hold our people accountable with granular reporting, quality assurance surveys, proof of work and more.

Your Challenges

  • Lack of Access to Vendor Support when needed.

  • No consistency in IT Services

  • Absence of ongoing technical consultancy aligned to your business needs

  • No exposure to varied technology & domain expertise and experience


  • As an IT Services Provider, we forge strong business relationships with vendors and distributor. This gives us the unique advantage of helping resolve customer issues quickly and more efficiently.

  • In‐house employees are, well, employees and often take sick leaves etc. Can your business critical IT systems be left unattended and unmonitored during such absences? With outsourcing your IT management to a professional services provider, you can be assured that someone is hard at work ensuring that your IT is running at its optimal state.

  • Information Technology as a business function, is no longer only concerned with ‘keeping the lights on’.
    With an experienced IT Services Provider by your side, you can gain access to business aligned consultation on your current and future IT needs to fuel business growth.

  • Today’s IT infrastructure is fairly heterogeneous with multiple technologies and vendor solutions integrated together to deliver a holistic business solution. A one or two person internal IT team may not have the depth and breadth of technology and vendor specific expertise. With Burhani, you get access to a team of experienced IT professionals with exposure to a multi-technology and multi‐vendor environment

Burhani’s Managed IT Support Services Objectives, Benefits & Service Delivery Methodology



  • Continual Service Improvement in driving efficiencies in IT Services
  • Cost Predictability and Savings by delivering fixed fee services
  • Process driven systems and consistency in service quality performance
  • Higher end user engagement and utilization of the IT resources at their disposal


  • Rapid remote response to achieve quick incident resolution turnaround times.
  • Flat fee for easy budgeting of annual IT costs
  • Decreased downtime due to proactive management & monitoring tools (based on subscribed service plan)
  • Trouble ticket and tracking tools to ensure high-level of service and accountability

Service Delivery Model

  • The core service delivery model will focus on proactive monitoring (based on subscribed service plan) and rapid remote support with onsite support delivered as and when needed.
  • Delivery response is available by service desk via telephone, remotely from the network operations center (NOC), onsite service team and through proactive monitoring.

Why Select Burhani as your Managed IT Support Services Partner in Dubai, UAE?


Graphic Task List
  • Relentless focus on customer experience enhancement
  • Over 10 years of experience as a trusted IT services & solutions provider in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Sharjah and across the UAE
  • Professional migration, training and user adoption services
  • Ongoing support services packages
  • Strong alliances with leading technology vendors with expertise in managing diverse and varied IT environments
  • Complete Managed Solutions that ensure you get the most from your IT investment
  • Our team is certified and has vast experience in IT infrastructure design and deployment
  • Our value proposition lies in proven processes, structured implementations, superior technologies and exceptional customer service
  • We have helped hundreds of businesses leverage technology to boost business productivity
  • Highly qualified & experienced staff with scores of successful IT infrastructure projects completed & being regularly maintained
  • We can help you strategize & successfully execute a manged services IT package that suits your business needs
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