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Our approach to IT security is to work with you to find the right balance between rigid security and flexibility of access


Our suite of information security services & solutions will help protect you business critical data and systems from today’s growing malware threats.

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How to maintain high levels of security while ensuring that data is easily accessible to authorized users?


More and more businesses are now storing sensitive data on their IT networks. Naturally, this presents an opportunity for hackers and other malware producers to take advantage of poor IT security systems and compromise data. In many cases, such security risks could have been easily mitigated by having the basic network perimeter and host security systems in place.

We recommend any business with an internet connected network to have, at the very minimum, a good Stateful Packet Inspection Firewall and a host based Antivirus for their Servers and Workstations. 

Also, research shows that the most number of IT Security Threats are actually from inside an organization. Security devices such as firewalls will help secure the perimeter of your network, however, it will not be very effective in the event of a virus infected USB drive being plugged in to a network connected device.

At Burhani, we have extensive experience in IT Security & can offer a complete solution that helps manage security risks from both internal and external threats.

Our Information Security Solutions Will Help Your Business :


Graphic Task List
  • Protect your data from unauthorized access
  • Secure your network perimeter
  • Block access to websites which may cause a virus infection
  • Manage computer connectivity ports such as USB ports, Optical Drives etc
  • Block all kinds of instant messengers and torrent downloads
  • Implement a Data Leakage Prevention system to protect data from internal misuse
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