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How to Implement a Hybrid PKI Solution on AWS Cloud

How to Implement a Hybrid PKI Solution on AWS Cloud

As businesses & organizations migrate workloads into Amazon Web Services (AWS) they may be running a combination of on-premises and cloud infrastructure. When certificates are issued to this infrastructure, having a common root of trust to the certificate hierarchy allows for consistency and interoperability of the Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) solution.

In this blog post, you will learn how to plan and deploy a PKI that enables certificates to be issued across a hybrid (cloud & on-premises) environment with a common root.

This solution will use Windows Server Certificate Authority (Windows CA), also known as Active Directory Certificate Services (ADCS) to distribute and manage x.509 certificates for Active Directory users, domain controllers, routers, workstations, web servers, mobile and other devices. And an AWS Certificate Manager Private Certificate Authority (ACM PCA) to manage certificates for AWS services, including API Gateway, CloudFront, Elastic Load Balancers, and other workloads.

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