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Reduce Risk & Costs with a Strong Cloud Strategy

Effective cloud computing requires that organizations know the risks and take the appropriate steps to address them.

While the multi-cloud strategy has undeniable benefits, there is a risk of “cloud sprawl” that could lead to wasted resources, rising costs and security challenges.

Key Risks to Avoid With Cloud Migration in Dubai

To reduce risk, organizations should implement a cloud governance program. This is different than cloud management, which is meant to ensure the efficient performance of cloud resources. Governance involves maintaining control of the cloud environment through the creation of rules, policies and processes that guide the deployment and use of clouds.

  • Ensuring a clear and well structured cloud migration strategy is in place
  • Existing architecture should be fully compatible
  • Data is safe and no data is lost
  • Costs are well optimized
  • Minimum latency
  • No visibility and control
  • Security

Reduce & Control Costs Associated with Cloud Migration & Management in Dubai, UAE

  • Start well – ensure you are choosing the right size for your cloud infrastructure
  • Take the expert help
  • If your workloads are predictable and stable use reserved instances
  • Ensure a holistic approach while planning your migration
  • Cost controlling tools that can help

Reduce Risks & Costs with a Trusted Managed Cloud Services Partner by Your Side

We can’t deny the benefits of managed cloud migration: flexibility, scalability, automation, ease of collaboration, etc. The complexity of existing infrastructure, vendor monopoly, managing multicloud, security, data loss, latency, wasted costs – all this makes it difficult to move to the cloud.

To tackle these and other challenges companies require sufficient cloud IaaS skills.  With this in mind, businesses may find it helpful to partner with trusted cloud partners who have proven experience in migrating to the cloud & can offer a host of other value add cloud services & Microsoft Cloud support.

Effectively Optimize Cloud Costs, Reduce Risk & Stay Compliant

Burhani can help you develop & implement an effective cloud governance strategy designed to optimize cloud costs & mitigate risk
Reduce Cost & Risk with the Cloud

Effective Cloud Governance is Key to Reducing Waste, Risks & Costs

While the multi-cloud strategy has undeniable benefits, there is a risk of “cloud sprawl” that could lead to wasted resources, rising costs and security challenges.
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Control Cloud Costs

We help you leverage public cloud to manage IT costs while delivering more value to customers

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Protect Business Data

From storage to back-up to compliance, we give you the protection you need to innovate with confidence

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Enable Business Continuity

With our cloud-native approach, we help you reduce downtime, boost availability and protect valuable business assets.

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Improve Security & Compliance

Our proactive approach to cloud security reduces risk while increasing the business’ agility.



Begin Your Journey to Cloud Transformation

Our robust cloud migration framework helps you identify key cloud adoption activities and objectives to accelerate your journey to the cloud.
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The Definitive Guide to Cloud Digital Transformation

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Your Questions About Cloud Governance & Control

Answers to commonly asked questions about cloud governance & risk mitigation

What is Cloud Governance?

Cloud Governance is the people, process, and technology associated with your cloud infrastructure, security, and operations. This should not be confused with cloud management. Governance involves a framework with a set of policies and standard practices. This could include policies for cost optimization, resiliency, security, or compliance

Why is cloud governance so important?

In the public cloud, because decisions are made in a decentralized manner and at a rapid pace, a governance model or policy becomes critical for keeping the entire organization on track. Without effective governance, you will quickly find your cloud environment spiraling out of control. Between the pace of change in environments, new services being adopted by engineering, and the rapid growth in many cloud environments, there is no way you and your team can keep up without a governance strategy.

How can we get started with cloud governance?

It is recommended to take a federated approach to continuous improvement and management, with a centralized cloud advisory board. This cross functional team can identify common practices and requirements and act as consultants to different groups. An operational extension of this team, the cloud management function, can help with standardizing practices, defining standards and best practices, and automating policy enforcement. Additionally, creating a Cloud Center of Excellence (CCoE) can accelerate your company to achieve strong cloud governance. A CCoE is a cross-functional working group of people that govern the usage of the cloud across an organization and drive best practices across functions.


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