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Confidently Migrate to the Cloud, Build Resilience & Accelerate Transformation

Let our experts handle your cloud migration complexities so you can focus on moving your business forward.
Migrate to the Cloud

Reliably & Cost-Effectively Move Workloads from any platform to a Secure & Scalable Hybrid Multi-Cloud Infrastructure

Burhani Cloud Migration Services can streamline workload migration to hybrid multi-cloud environments and significantly reduce migration time and costs.
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Business Agility & Innovation

The cloud enables business agility by reducing business complexity

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Scalability & Performance

Ability to performance-optimize heavy workloads that enable business growth

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Business Continuity

Quickly & reliably replicate applications to the cloud in case of a disaster

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Cost Optimization

Only pay for resources that you need. Free up capital for strategic business innovation

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Enhanced Security

No more manual scripting. Rapidly recover an entire VM in with just a few clicks.

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Improved Business Workflows

Reduce manual steps and rapidly improve the efficiency of workflows


Begin Your Journey to Cloud Transformation

Our robust cloud migration framework helps you identify key cloud adoption activities and objectives to accelerate your journey to the cloud.
Burhani Cloud Journey Framework

The Definitive Guide to Cloud Digital Transformation

Download this free guide to learn more about the design principles and components of Burhani’s Managed Cloud solution, how customers leverage the cloud to accelerate their journey towards digital transformation

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Deep Expertise in Designing, Deploying & Managing Cloud Technologies

Burhani's unique mix of people, process and fully-managed technology enables businesses to embark upon a successful journey towards digital transformation

Demystifying Cloud Migration

Answers to commonly asked questions about cloud migration services

What are Burhani's Cloud Migration Service Capabilities?

Burhani Cloud Migration Services can migrate single and group workloads to the hybrid platform whether the move involves physical-to-virtual, physical-to-physical, virtual-to-virtual or virtual-to-physical migrations, including migration of VMware workloads. To enhance security, data is encrypted in transit and when it arrives.

How can Burhani help reduce the cost of cloud migration?

Burhani Cloud Migration Services offer highly efficient tooling and service capabilities to streamline the migration process. Automation helps avoid the need for manual agents and reduces costs. As a result, your organization can begin capitalizing on the benefits of hybrid cloud more quickly.

How can we shorten the time to migrate to the cloud?

In addition to a seamless, agentless migration, Burhani Cloud Migration Services use a live-capture function and incremental data syncs designed to ensure that the server being replicated requires virtually no downtime. This means that you can shorten the time to value, avoid the need for manual intervention and increase scalability and security.

Can we migrate workloads from a range of sources to a hybrid multi-cloud environment

Based on initial client input, Burhani’s cloud migration team handles data validation, including information on the source environment, migration server setup, server inventory, technical specifications, applications, access credentials and existing licenses. Then the team develops a strctured migration approach, specifies the server and wave groups, maps the target environment and sets a schedule. The next step involves capturing the source, assigning the workload instance, migrating the workload to the target servers, performing a final data sync and a post-validation check and confirming the login to the target. Finally, Burhani Cloud Migration Services prepare for the client user acceptance test , document wave completion and deprovision the migration server

Why Burhani for cloud migration?

Burhani’s years of migration experience, dedicated project managers, world-class skills and industry-leading services and tools help smooth the migration process, lightening your burden so that you can concentrate on growing your business. Tight linkages and coordination with hybrid cloud infrastructure help speed execution. With a track record for data protection and migration, Burhani helps you meet the specific needs of your organization.


Cloud Transformation Insights

Maximize cloud value with expert migration, adoption & management insights

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