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AWS Cost Optimization Dubai, UAE

Are you looking for ways to save on your monthly AWS cloud subscription bill?

Our Amazon Web Services (AWS) cloud experts will ensure you get added value from Amazons business Cloud platform in Dubai, UAE. With our fully managed AWS services, we’ll take full ownership of your transition from on-premise to AWS cloud and provide ongoing day-to-day management, consultation & optimization for a fixed monthly fee.

Contact The Top AWS Cost Optimization Services Company in Dubai

Contact the Amazon Web Services AWS Managed Services & Support experts in Dubai, UAE and find out how the AWS cloud can enhance the overall performance of your IT systems, reduce the overall cost of IT ownership & accelerate Cloud Transformation.

At Burhani, we are specialists in AWS cloud technologies and we want to make sure you benefit from a reliable, secure and cost-effective AWS cloud migration & AWS cloud consultation that is specifically designed for you based on your business requirements.

In addition to delivering proactive Managed IT Support Services, we also offer various cloud modernisation technology solutions & services for business such as Office 365, Microsoft 365, Microsoft Azure Cloud Consulting, Microsoft Azure Managed Services and more.

Our dedicated cloud skill development team can help you upskill your existing IT team with Amazon AWS cloud certifications and accelerate digital transformation.

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Save Upto 30% On Your Monthly AWS Cloud Fees

AWS Cost Optimization service enables you to significantly reduce your AWS cloud costs and maximize your return on investment
AWS Cost Optimization Dubai, UAE

Don’t Let Your Monthly AWS Bill Spiral Out Of Control

Our experienced AWS experts can help identify optimum configurations to reduce wastage and ensure that you don’t overpay on AWS monthly fees
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AWS RIghtsizing

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Why pay for resources that are not being used? Rightsizing ensures your AWS cloud environment is lean and efficient by identifying where resources are underutilized. Newer generation instances are often more cost effective than their legacy predecessors – we’ll help you to identify where switching to new instance types could save you money without causing you engineering headaches.

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Instance Reservation

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Leverage Long Term Savings

We identify opportunities to purchase reserved EC2 and RDS instances – committing to resources in advance can generate significant savings over hourly billing. Reserved instances can be purchased for a 1 or 3 year term, and have payment options of all up front, part up front or no up front – you could save up to 75% over on demand pricing.

Reserved Instance Rebalancing

Are you sure that all of the reserved instances you are paying for have been properly applied to your AWS workloads? Logicata will help you to ensure that all your purchased reserved instances are being fully utilized.

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Bill Management & Chargeback

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Understand Complex Cloud Billing

Our billing management tools and experts help you to understand the increasingly complex world of public cloud billing.

Ensure Resources Are Charged Back

Want to know which department is spending the most on AWS? Want to know who your most expensive developer is? Want to know which of your products has the highest cost base? By implementing a detailed tagging policy, Burhani’s AWS experts can ensure that you are able to charge back cloud resources to the appropriate teams within your business.

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Resource Scheduling

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Reduce Costs In Idle Periods

Why pay for resources that nobody is accessing? We’ll show you when you are accruing most costs and how to reduce spend at other times of the day.

Power Down Non Production Resources

Do your developers and testers really work all evening and all weekend? There are 40 hours in the working week, and 168 hours in a calendar week – that’s a huge difference, and a huge cost to your business. We can automate the power on/power off schedule for development and test environments to save 60-70% of run costs.

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Reporting & Implementation

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Cost Management Report

We produce a detailed cost management report with actionable recommendations to help you keep your AWS cloud costs under control. We’ll also give you online access to the tool that we use to generate the recommendations – this keeps us honest. The report comes in an executive summary format that can be easily circulated around your organisation – your executives won’t be interested in logging in to the tool and learning how to interpret the results.

Recommendation Implementation

Don’t have the time or resource to implement our recommendations? Given the right level of access, Burhani’s AWS cloud experts in Dubai, UAE can carefully action all recommendations in accordance with your existing change management processes, to ensure that your AWS cloud costs are optimized.

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Continuous Improvement

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AWS Environment review and Improvement recommendation & implementation


A Proven AWS Managed Services Framework for Digital Transformation

Our Proprietary 6-Step AWS Cloud Management Process Ensures A Reliable, Scalable & Always Available Infrastructure
AWS Cloud Consulting Services in Dubai, UAE

The Definitive Guide to Cloud Digital Transformation

Download this free guide to learn more about the design principles and components of Burhani’s Managed Cloud solution, how customers leverage the cloud to accelerate their journey towards digital transformation

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As a Microsoft Gold Partner with 20+ Years Experience, Burhani's Unique Mix of People, Process & Technology Enables Businesses Accelerate Digital Transformation by Leveraging the Power of the Microsoft Cloud
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Questions About AWS Cost Optimization?

We are a leader in managing AWS cloud environments at any scale

What is Amazon Web Services (AWS)?

Launched in 2006, Amazon Web Services (AWS) is a Cloud Computing Service that provides ‘on demand’ Cloud Computing products and platforms to Companies and individuals, including storage, bandwidth, databases, Analytics, networking, mobile development, developer tools, management tools and the Internet of Things (IoT). There are over 100 Cloud products and platforms that are now available ‘As a Service’ from AWS.

Why Burhani for AWS Cost Optimization?

If you’ve read this far then you clearly need some help with your AWS Bill! And that’s OK, you’re not alone.  Burhani help lots of AWS customers who are in the same position.  AWS billing is complicated.  And so is AWS technology.  But we’re here to help demystify it for you.  Still not convinced?  Here are a few more reasons to work with us.

  1. We take time to understand your business.  This is important.  AWS Cost Explorer, or third party SaaS tools can make technical recommendations based on data, but they don’t have any business context in terms of what you are looking to achieve.  Burhani will take time to understand your business objectives, and tailor our recommendations to suit.
  2. We focus on the quick wins.  We’re not just going to drop a big report in your lap with a long list of recommendations that you simply don’t have the time or the resources to implement.  We’ll highlight the quick wins where you can make the greatest savings with the least amount of effort, so you can start to reduce your AWS bill straight away.
  3. We’re great people to work with!  At Burhani we believe that relationships are important, which is why we like to deliver our advice in person where possible, or via web meetings where that’s more practical.  We love to delight our customers by going above and beyond, so we hope to get the chance to delight you very soon.

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