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Sophos® Complete IT Security Solutions

Sophos Security solutions allow you to secure every endpoint on your network, from laptops to virtual desktops and servers, to the web and email traffic and mobile devices. Burhani is a trusted Sophos certified partner in Dubai, UAE.

Synchronize your security management
Centralized network security solutions
Advanced end-user and server protection

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Trusted IT Company in Dubai

How Sophos Synchronized Security Stops Advanced Threats

Beat the hackers at their own game by coordinating your defenses. See what happens when your endpoint, firewall and encryption talk to each other and respond automatically to attacks.

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Sophos Security Products

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Top Sophos Security Solutions Partner in Dubai, UAE

Burhani recommends Sophos who is a world leader in the provision of IT security and data protection for business. Sophos complete security solutions reduce the threat, protect users and data, stop attacks and breaches, and most importantly keep your employees productive.

As a Sophos partner Burhani are experts at deploying and supporting the software and have access to a wealth of benefits otherwise unavailable such as direct access to Sophos, on-going training, and technical support.

CALL US TODAY AT +971 4 334 8478    |    EMAIL:

Trusted IT Company in Dubai
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