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Burhani’s innovative data backup & DR solutions can help your business maintain continuity in the event of a disaster

Data Backup & Disaster Recovery Solutions In Dubai

 Burhani’s Modern Data Backup & Protection Solution enables rapid backup and restoration of entire systems, individual files or mailboxes – both locally and offsite

10+ Years in the UAE        Cutting-Edge Technology Solutions       Personalized Service       100% Satisfaction Guaranteed!

Bulletproof Data Protection for modern businesses


Are you still manually copying over data to external hard drives as a ‘hit & miss’ backup?

As a business owner or an IT admin, you already have your plate full with strategic activities that will take your business to the next level. Do you need the added hassle of worrying about your data protection and backups?

At Burhani, we are experts in delivering business technology solutions that give you complete peace of mind.

We provide a range of business data protection solutions from Backup, Disaster Recovery and Data Loss Prevention which result in a highly robust and secure IT infrastructure.

Additionally, our proactive Managed Support Services gives you the option of outsourcing all the daily IT work to a team of trusted professionals while you focus on your business expansion and growth.

Ultimate Protection For Your Critical Data and Applications


Ultimate Protection For Your Critical Data & Applications
  • Backup your physical and virtual servers either locally in your office premises or offsite on a secure cloud
  • Achieve rapid backup and quick restoration of your business critical data and applications
  • Scalable disk based as well as cloud backup repositories
  • Cloud based Data Backup and Full DR solutions available for ‘Always On’ businesses
  • Fully Managed Backup & Recovery Services available from Burhani
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