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‘Cloud’ is a highly misunderstood word. Let us help demystify the complexity around cloud services and show how it can benefit your business

Cloud Computing

 Cloud Computing is essentially a network of remote servers hosted in either your own datacenter or by a specialized service provider datacenter. Unlike many misunderstandings, cloud does not necessarily mean that you MUST handover control of your data and applications to a third party. A Private cloud based IT infrastructure can very well be built for your own organization and be completely under your control.

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So why should you even consider moving to ‘the cloud’?


The answer is fairly simple : The cloud allows businesses to achieve high levels of scalability, data protection, cost efficiency and ease of management as compared to traditional on-premise systems.

Whether you only wish to run certain application services such as email from the cloud or wish to deploy a complete cloud based infrastructure, Burhani can help understand your business computing needs and then design & deploy a robust cloud compute solution that is designed to grow with your business.

Cloud Computing Services Can Be Used For :


  • Publishing Applications
  • Developing Data Backup Strategies
  • Quick Provisioning of IT Services
  • High Availability & Data Protection
  • Optimal Utilization of Physical Hardware Resources
  • Simple Management of IT Infrastructure
  • Hyper Scalability of IT to align with business growth
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