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Cloud Automation Services – Introducing new Blueprint Sharing and Publishing capabilities

Cloud Automation Services (CAS) continues to drive new feature and capabilities that improve, simplify, and enhance the user experience.  As you all know, CAS consists of 3 services, Cloud Assembly, Service Broker, and Code Stream.  Let’s touch on a couple of new enhancement capabilities – Blueprint Publishing and Blueprint Sharing.

During the creation of a new blueprint in Cloud Assembly, you now have the option to create a private blueprint that is restricted to the selected project, or one that will be shared across ALL the projects in the CAS Organization.

Cloud Assembly – Restrict or share with project(s)

To Publish blueprints to Service Catalog  you must version the blueprint, and then release it to Service Broker.  Previously, this was a 2-step process.

Blueprint – Create a new blueprint version

When versioning a blueprint – now you can choose to “Release this version to the catalog”, which will automatically push it into the Service Broker catalog.

Cloud Assembly – Blueprint Versioning

Small enhancements that improve the consumer experience.  Enjoy!

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