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  We believe that our values drive our actions. Burhani helps businesses leverage the power of cutting edge technology for high performance & exponential growth. Furthermore, technology is not just about servers and software – its about people.

We are passionate about helping make people’s lives better through technology.

Premier IT Support and Service Provider

Burhani is UAE’s premier IT support and services provider. For more than 10 years we’ve been connecting passionate IT consultants with customers who need quality IT services. We are your one-stop IT company in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Sharjah & the greater UAE.

10+ Years in the UAE        Cutting-Edge Technology Solutions       Personalized Service       100% Satisfaction Guaranteed!

Burhani was established to meet a genuine need


Small businesses and Multinationals were investing in IT Infrastructure to help run their businesses more efficiently. However, only a handful of IT companies were providing ‘True IT Consultation’ services whereas the majority were simply ‘pushing boxes’ without understanding the customer’s present and future business needs.

Customers were often provided half-baked IT infrastructure solutions that were not scalable and extremely costly to maintain & support.

We aspire to help our clients focus on their core business instead of worrying about managing and maintaining their IT infrastructure.

Who we are


Burhani is one of the few ‘Strategic IT Solution Providers’ across the UAE, providing IT Support and Business Technology Services across Dubai and surrounding emirates.

We strive to empower Small Businesses as well as Multinationals to plan, build, deploy and manage their IT infrastructure as per their standards – all within their stipulated budget.

Providing unmatched value via expert consultation & support, Burhani delivers a highly scalable & robust IT Infrastructure that enables organizations to focus on their core business, instead of managing their IT.

Scores of customers from explosive-growth startups to multinational enterprises, trust Burhani as their IT Company in Dubai and across the UAE, of choice.

How we work


Our core management team delivers IT strategy, support, sales, account management, quality control, infrastructure support and CIO planning.

Additionally, we have several nuclear teams which are specialized in their area of business and provide professional, high quality service and customer support.

Our nuclear teams are agile and customer centric. They innovate and leave no stone unturned to delight you.

We closely work with our clients to help them :


  • Identify current & future business needs and align their technology investments accordingly

  • Help them get more value out of their existing IT investments

  • Reduce business risks and resource investment loss

  • Improve ROI by increasing visibility and management of technical resources

Our Philosophy. Our Guiding Light


Over the last 10 years, we have developed an enviable reputation for quality and a fanatical approach to customer service. We truly believe in the power of technology to help improve people’s lives and make businesses more successful. It is this passion that helps us go that extra mile right from the first line IT support, through to advanced implementation projects. 

Delivering great customer experiences is at the heart of everything we do.


Burhani empowers businesses to leverage the power of cutting-edge technology for high performance and exponential growth


  • Identify opportunities to grow and leverage technology

  • Understand client’s needs and offer an effective solution

  • Deliver a planned and flawlessly executed solution

  • Delight clients and exceed their expectations with a ‘service mindset’

  • Build a professional team of principled, friendly and passionate people in a progressive work environment.


  • Empathizing: respect and compassion is the hallmark of who we are.

  • Teamwork: we are united in our quest to achieve our vision.

  • Passion: for technology and the unquenchable thirst for excellence, growth and contribution.

  • Commitment: to always deliver our 100% in everything we do.

  • Integrity: is always doing the right thing at the right time with complete responsibility and honesty.

  • Fun: when we enjoy our work, our customers love the Burhani experience.

5 Reasons to Switch to Burhani

  1. Honest and transparent in business practices & advice
  2. Painless transitioning, switching couldn’t be easier
  3. Clear communication, we’ll always keep you in the loop
  4. Consultative Approach, Explain IT requirements without intolerable jargon
  5. Satisfaction, last month 96% of our clients were happy
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Our Inspiration. Satisfied Customers



The Burhani team are friendly, helpful and understanding of our business needs. We continually use them on a regular basis as we find them easy to deal with, I find the service is quick and professional and the engineers have good knowledge of all the issues that arise within our business.


Elly Prowting, HR & Operations Manager



We could not have asked for a more helpful and caring service than we received. All in all, it was an excellent service that left a very good impression of an efficient, helpful and responsive company that we can highly recommend


Andrew J. Hudson, Managing Director



I would like to say to you many thanks for your actions you have completed in our new office and for your availability about the tasks completed.


Ronan Bonnot, Group IT Systems and Networks Administrator



For an IT task which was outstanding for over 2 months through many other IT consultants, Burhani solved the issue within days. Burhani was reasonably priced, proactive, helpful and very pleasant to deal with.  Their suggestions were useful and saved us on the costs. We highly recommend using them and from now on, Burhani will be my regular IT service provider for home and business.


Omar Musharraf



What’s unique about Burhani is the refreshingly professional approach and servicing.  In our world it has become very rare to find an outsource partner that can deliver on the promise and cover our back when needed. I can say that Burhani has delivered on this account.


Fouad Bedran, Co Managing Director



Burhani has looked after our IT requirements for the past four years. To their credit, they have managed us – a crowd of non digital natives – in the most wonderful way; like a good maths teacher makes complicated things easy to understand for his students, so too has the team helped us learn and adopt and adapt. Their response time is brilliant and if something can’t be carried out quickly – for whatever reason – an explanation is given and solutions delivered within the promised time-frame. In a world where so many people talk the talk but have yet to learn to walk – we’d caution and say that if you need IT solutions and service — and Burhani is not on your short-list, there’s something seriously amiss with your research


Najah Hussain, Managing Director



Burhani has helped us consolidate our entire group's IT infrastructure across the UAE, Africa and India. We now have a more reliable IT infrastructure which helps our business be more agile and productive. Our entire infrastructure is proactively monitored and managed by Burhani's Managed Support Services team and this helps us save on internal IT costs as well as minimize the risk of downtime. In an ever changing & competitive business environment, Burhani has acted as a true partner to our business and not just a supplier. I would highly recommend Burhani.


Hussain Arif, Group Finance Manager



We have been using the services of Burhani for last several years and have always had a pleasant interaction with their entire team. It is  a professional organization and their staff have good technical skills to provide solutions to our IT problems. The service is prompt, courteous and solutions driven. Apart from day-to-day troubleshooting, they have often provided us with guidance on how to manage our IT infrastructure and assets better so as to enhance productivity from IT.


Rohit Anand, CEO



Burhani’s service as well as the way they do business is unique and special. As a process oriented company, Burhani has a systematic way of doing business and responding to client needs. We are assured that every IT Support request is properly tracked right from submission till completion and verification and that things don’t fall through the cracks.

We are very happy with their services and would be glad to recommend them to anyone looking for a trusted and reliable IT partner


Mohammad Shakeel, Group Operations Manager



Burhani has a highly organized Support Delivery System which helps us log and track any complaints/issues related to IT software and Hardware. They have always taken prompt action to diagnose and rectify any issues related to server/users. Burhani is a one stop solution to all issues related to installation/commissioning/maintaining including IT security systems.

We have gladly recommended their services to others before and would continue to do so in the future


Vijay Malkani, Operations Manager


Our Partners. Best of Breed Technology Vendors


IT Partners Burhani dubai

Burhani: The Leading IT Support And Service Providers In Dubai, UAE

At Burhani, we provide quality IT services throughout Dubai and the UAE. Our goal is to create specialised, strategic services for our customers to assist in developing the ideal business technology services that are customised to your business requirements.

Getting Started

Unlike some IT company models, ours is a bespoke approach with all of our IT services. To get started, we take the time to learn about your company and what you require. This also includes an assessment of your current technology infrastructure as well as areas of need.

Our team approach to working with our customers in Dubai and throughout the UAE allows us to offer quality IT services including assisting with strategic planning, providing full customer and technical support as well as providing full account management.

The Advantages

As a recognized leader in business technology services, we use innovative approaches to upgrading business technology investments to work with the budgets of our customers. We are able to provide a range of value-added services that will increase your return on investment while also reducing risks and strategically implementing IT planning.

With our future focus, our customers are uniquely prepared to stay abreast of current technology and implement the best practices in upgrading their systems.

Of course, as a premier IT support and service provider, we put our customers first. By providing outstanding customer support, clear communication with our customers and an ability to implement projects quickly and seamless into the business, we truly become an IT company that is a partner to your business.

For more information on the benefits of using Burhani as your IT support and service provider, contact our experts today at +971 (04) 397 4392.

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